The new Transatlantic Anniversary Board  

New innovations consisting of a more stable core and durable foil

30 years ago we launched the first rollboard in Germany. We introduced it to places in need of relocating patients: Clinics, radiologies and retirement homes, etc. Since its invention the rollboard has been in successful use. Our anniversary edition 2016 is the result of continuous redevelopment.

Transatlantic Care – rollboard experts 

We were the first ones to realise 30 years ago that the burden of carers could be significantly lessened through a functional relocation product. The first prototype was introduced in 1985 by Samarit. We launched the first rollboard series in 1986 in Germany. The first series consisted of a plywood core covered by a foam layer and was significantly shorter than today’s ones. 

Out anniversary edition is the result of continuous redevelopment and reflects our desire to produce and invent market-relevant products. The extremely stable core with tear-proof foil guarantees the most comfortable relocation of all time.

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