About us

More than 80 years products for a healthier world


Our professionals are not only engaged and motivated, but also highly qualified. Trained medical product consultants will inform you about the newest developments, innovations and tried and tested products at our trade fairs. They will help you find the right solution for your needs.

Modern technology, IT and quality management ensure that you need not worry about the timely delivery of our products. In addition to this high level of efficiency, of course, we also offer you competitive prices.

We offer tailor-made solutions for your requirements. From the full range of products which may be ordered online, to last-minute deliveries, we will find the best way to help. What is more, with nationwide distribution centres in Germany and a fleet of vehicles, we are well equipped for the various eventualities.

All of this results in a unique service, which saves you work, time, and indeed, money.

• More than 80 years‘ experience in the distribution and innovation of medical products
• Particular competence with sterile, disposable products
• Major manufacturer of exclusively distributed products on the German market
• High quality own brands including Transaflex®, Transaslip and Transafix®
• Excellent advice from trained specialists
• High quality and high safety in our products!
• Quick, reliable deliveries and competitive prices achieved through efficient methods and technologies.

The combination of continuity throughout more than 80 years of experience, with the courage to innovate, puts us in the prime position to offer an excellent service. So, trust in our motto: products for a healthier world.