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Multi-Patienten-Spritzen-System für Kontrastmittelapplikation

Transaflow Contrast Media Application

Multi-Patient Syringe Systems for High Performances in the CT and MRI

Our Transaflow Multi-Patient Syringe System optimizes routines in the contrast media application. The system is hygienically safe, from the syringe through the Multi-APS Filling System to the patient line with pathogen barrier – for up to 24 hours.

Multi-APS Füllsysteme zur Mehrfachverwendung an CT oder MRT

Transaflow Multi-APS

Our Multi-APS Filling Systems are suitable for multliple use both with the CT and the MRI. They are compatible with all commonly used syringe injectors and, depending on the type of syringe injector, (mono or dual injectors) and the individual requirement. Can be administered with or without saline solution.

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Spiralförmige Patientenwechselleitung

Patient Lines

Our lines come in different lengths and two variants: straight/PWL and spiraled/PWLS. All Transaflow patient lines have a specially developed pathogen barrier, which safely inhibits bacteria of any kind and prevents bacterial and viral contamination. Due to the color coding, the Transaflow PWL/PWLS can be connected to the Transaflow Multi-APS Safety Filling Systems with no risk of confusion.

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Zwei Kolben des Multi Patienten Spritzensystems


The syringes of the Multi Patient Syringe System are intended for the administration of contrast media and saline solution. They are approved for 12 or 24 hours of use together with our Multi-Patient Filling Systems for connection to common pressure injectors.

Overview of the benefits:

Produced in cleanroom production in Germany

Non-drip, non-stick

Up to 24 hr application period

Pathogen barrier in each patient line

Ease of handling