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Evakuierungstuch EVA
Evacuation Sheet 'EVA'
The Evacuation Sheet 'EVA' is specifically present in institutions with bedridden patients. It is placed underneath the mattress of the bed and remains there to be available immediately in case of emergency. With the help of this mat,...
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Evacuation Chair Alpha 'Swing'
Evacuation Chair Alpha 'Swing'
The Evacuation Chair 'Swing' facilitates a largely controlled evacuation of patients in particularly difficult situations. It is employed when other aids cannot be used due to a lack of space, for instance during transport across stairs....
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X-Ray Tube
X-Ray Tube
The X-ray tube is the ideal solution for the safe and gentle handling of the x-ray cassette on the patient - for both the care personnel and the patient. The innovative design means that the tube can simply be pushed underneath the...
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Gleitmatte Alpha
Sliding Mat Alpha
The Sliding Mat Alpha is specifically designed for patients that require repeated repositioning or who are very sensitive to pain. It reduces the friction resistance of shifting patients and thereby facilitates the easy transfer into bed...
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Open Sliding Mat Alpha
Open Sliding Mat Alpha
The Open Sliding Mat Alpha can be used for the frequent shifting of patients in supine positions, i.e. in bed. It offers a secure hold and supports the repositioning without having to touch the patient in sensitive areas. The Open...
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Rotation Sheet Alpha
Rotation Sheet Alpha
The Rotation Sheet Alpha consists of three parts: a fitted sheet to cover the mattress, a larger top sheet, and a friction mat. The Rotation Sheet is used for people who are very sensitive to pain, as well as for heavier and particularly...
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