Transaroll Hygieneboard - Set

Transaroll Hygieneboard - Set
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Order number: 4500025
Content: Core, Disposable Gliding Cover (4400204) and Organizer
Our favorite Transfer aids combined in a set. The core is the result of 30 years of unremitting... more
Transaroll Hygieneboard - Set

Our favorite Transfer aids combined in a set. The core is the result of 30 years of unremitting research and development and can be upgraded to the Transaroll Silverboard. Our Disposable Gliding Cover is gentle to the skin, tear proof, latex free, biocompatible and food-safe. The usage of the Disposable Gliding Cover supports an easy, hygienic and safe patient transfer for the user. In combination with our handy Organizer, which can be mounted on the wall or door, all products necessary for the quick and hygienic transfer are always stored together.

Upgrade to the Silverboard: Did you know that you can easily transform this board into our newest and best roll board? Since the core is identical, the board can be upgraded just by purchasing our Silver Cover. The Disposable Gliding Cover can of course be used in combination with our Silverboard (formerly Transatlantic Anniversary Board) - due to its hygienic protection, several patients can be transferred easily, effectively and safely.

Größe: Standard
Kategorie: Hygiene
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