Glide Board Beasy

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Order number: 4411080
Size: 80 x 26 cm
Material: DuPont MINLON
To minimize chafing and friction, patients using Beasy models will always sit in the same spot:... more
Glide Board Beasy

To minimize chafing and friction, patients using Beasy models will always sit in the same spot: the transfer disc. Even under a maximum load this disc rotates smoothly and easily. The rail allows prcise planning of the pathway of transfer and repositioning. Therfore, Beasy is an excellent choice for heavier, older, and/or frail patients. The process of repositioning is made significantly easier for both the carer and the patient. In addition, Beasy is made of strong, hygienic DuPont polymer and can therfore carry up to 200kg and is resistant to tearing and breaking. It is easy to celan and disinfect weith almost all common products. If necessary, the rotation disc can easily be removed from the board. 

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