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Transafix PEG Set No. 10

Product number: 8801004
detail.productInhaltLabel: 1 Drainage compress, 1 fixing plaster 12 x 15 cm, 4 gauze compress 7,5 x 7,5 cm, 1 Transafix Fastening Strip No. 2
PZN: 111006305946
  • Easy handling
  • Complete solution, no further products necessary 
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Highest quality
  • Very gentle to the skin 
  • Long term fixation is particularly kind to the skin

With PEG probes there is always the risk of them being accidently removed or that there is an excessive tensile load causing infections. Therefore, they are usually fixed with simple stitches and an additional plaster. With our PEG Set No. 10 we developed a solution which prevents these steps and is much more comfortable for the patient.

The set consists of a drainage compress, 4 gauze compresses, one fixing plaster as well as one Transafix Fastening Strip No. 2 (see PD02 for further information about this product).

Due to the additional fixing of the PEG probe with our Transafix Fastening Strip No. 2, a slipping in the genital area is prevented, reducing the risk of infection. The Velcro strap can be opened and closed various times throughout the day, so that the probe can be freed from its fixation and later be securely fixed again.

The adhesives are breathable and gentle to the skin. Our Transafix No. 2 can stay on the skin for a longer period of time, even on sensitive skin. It is adaptable and has a strong hold but can also be removed without any residue.


  • Prevention of infections due to secure fastening of the PEG probe
  • Long term treatment without any skin irritations
  • Safe and simple handling and highest patient comfort

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